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Sports Council Meeting Minutes – 10/01/23


Today we went through our next inter school house competition of Dodgeball. We decided that this will take place on Tuesday 31st January. Sports council will be out all day organising and helping run the event making sure it runs smoothly. We also changed the equipment over as all classes have two new sports for their PE sessions to make it easier to get when doing PE.

Sports Council Meeting Minutes – 07/11/22


In our sports council meeting this week we talked through how leading playground games on the year 3 & 4 playground is going. We have talked through what is working and what isn’t and have changed certain activities to make sure we get maximum participation.


We have also now planned our next school event which is the cross country completion that is taking place on Monday 21st November. We have sat down and looked at how it is going to work and on the next dry day that we meet we are going to plan the route that the classes are going to do, as our old route cannot be used as there have been lots of new additions to our school site.

Sports Council Meeting Minutes – 10/10/22


This week sees the start of our sports council running their lunchtime activities for the year 3 and 4 children. We had a meeting at the start of the week to talk through the activities and to check that everyone was ready.


We have also all sat down this week to talk about our PE lessons. We have discussed what we would expect a good PE lesson to look like, including some of the things we would expect to see e.g. a warm up, learning a new skill, developing that skill and then applying that skill within a game. The sports council are going to be making sure the PE lessons that they complete are following that sequence, enabling our children to get the best out of their PE here at Didcot Primary Academy.

Sports Council Meeting Minutes – 26/09/22


For our first sports council meeting of the year we started off by congratulating everyone for being elected and talked through the process that they had to go to in order to become a member of the sports council. We have discussed the role of a sports councillor and the importance of setting a good example for the rest of our pupils both in the classroom and outside during break and lunchtimes.


We have decided that our first school competition this year will be cross country and this will be taking place in the second half of the Autumn term. The children are very excited to get stuck into leading our first school event which will see all year groups taking part.


We have also set up a timetable for our sports councillors to lead different sporting activities for the other children during lunchtimes on the year 3 and 4 playground. Sports caps and jackets have been ordered for our councillors to be visible on the playground with our aim to get more children actively engaging in physical activity.

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