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Rewards and Celebrations

Star of the Week Assembly


At the end of most weeks a Celebration assembly is held, either remotely or collectively, to celebrate all sort of success across the school.  it is a chance for the immediate school population to come together to reflect on a busy week and to pick out highlights from it.


Teachers are asked to select ONE child from their class to be nominated for Star of the Week.  This could be for a variety of reasons such as: helping a friend in need, doing something kind outside or inside school, producing great work across the curriculum  - this is not necessarily the best work in the class, but is the best work for that particular child.  It could also be for a change in attitude to learning, a brilliant piece of homework, or overcoming fears.


By selecting one child, there will be 29 children that, by default, are not chosen - this is not because they are not good enough. Most weeks the staff struggle to pick just one, and the reason for the selection is always spoken about in the assembly.  We encourage the other children to be supportive of their peers and celebrate the success of another. 


Over the course of the year every child will be selected for Star of the Week, but it does need to be earned.


Principal Awards

There is nothing better than seeing fantastic work  and Principal Awards are handed out for these purposes.  Teachers will bring children to the Principal, or the Principal will come to the class to hand out these spot awards.


Omnia Awards - Be kind Be Brilliant Recognition

These events are for children who are ALWAYS doing what they need to do - work hard, are kind and brilliant in their actions and approaches to learning.  Once a half term children are nominated by their teachers to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principals to have a hot chocolate and talk about their learning.  This event recognises consistency.  Children can be nominated more than once.


Stickers and Praise

We do use stickers and praise in our school but ensure that this is given for specific reasons so that the child understands why they are being rewarded.  


House Points

Children are awarded team points that form a collective total.  These are not individual house points.  The house with the most points is announced each week from each year group in the celebration assembly.  There are usually house competitions each half term too which attract further house points.  House points can be given out by any member of staff in school.



Be Kind, Be Brilliant