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Summer 2: Big Wide World

    Summer 2, Week 1, w/c 3rd June 2024

We have had a wonderful week welcoming the children back into Acorn Class! It has been another busy week as we have started with our new topic, Big Wide World. 

On Monday, we started off our new topic with reading the story, Penguin on Vacation. We spoke about the Penguins holiday, and all the fun activities he did. The children also shared stories about their holidays, and all the fun activities they do during their holidays. The children enjoyed being able to pack a suitcase during our lesson, and each of them chose something they would add to the suitcase and why they selected that item. It's safe to say that the children were all ready for the summer holiday! 

During our Jigsaw session this week we have been thinking about being able to name parts of their bodies, and to show respect for themselves. We started the lesson off by playing the game ‘Jigsaw Jenie says’. By playing this game, the children were able to recognise different body parts, and even learnt about the trickier ones and the ones they might not have known about before. The children, together with Jigsaw Jenie, played a matching game, using different body parts. Each child had to pick a label, and an adult would read it. They then had to match it to a body part, and then build up the pictures to make a whole body. 

There has been lots of new learning this week as we continue working on our letters and sounds. This week our focus was on voice sounds. Our learning objective was for the children to be able to distinguish between the differences in vocal sounds, including oral blending and segmenting. The children explored the sounds they could make using their voices. We also learnt two new sounds this week, u and b. 

This week in Maths, we have focused on the composition of number. The children became more familiar with the terms ‘whole’ and ‘parts’ and during inside exploring time, they have been busy exploring the ways in which different numbers are composed of parts. Later on in the week, we had a number formation focus while also exploring whole and parts and the children have really shown their understanding of the concept. 

On Friday, we explored the different types of transport. The children shared their experiences with the different forms of transport and also learnt about the ones they were not familiar with such as a hot air balloon.

It has been a busy week, and we hope that you have a restful weekend. Next week, we look forward to exploring the stories, Handa’s Surprise, Tanka Tanka, Skunk! and will also be looking at a our new topic in maths, What Comes Next?


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