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Summer 2022


DPA's first ever Diversity Council has been elected. These students are committed to being upstanders in our community and reporting discrimination where they see it, whilst educating the rest of the school about the different cultures, languages, religions, families and people who make up our school community.


They will be:

  • promoting diversity-positivity within classrooms;
  • at class level, raising awareness of all types of discrimination, and promote awareness events (i.e. for disability awareness days, Pride month, etc);
  • explaining to the class the significance of upcoming religious and cultural events within our community (either doing this themselves, or selecting peers to do this if they have a unique understanding of the event);
  • representing the voices of their whole class at council meetings;
  • be an in-class influencer for awareness-raising activities in Jigsaw sessions, to work towards the Diana Award for Respect;
  • supporting peers to be an upstander, not a bystander, when it comes to bullying and discrimination.



Diversity Council present Eid ul Fitr presentation to all classes.



Today we have launched our Friday club sessions! We are offering all students a variety of different clubs, from film making to cookery, from sport to comic book creating. Our aim is to help promote a love of learning outside of our core curriculum, and provide exciting and meaningful opportunities for all students. Students will have the chance to try a new club each half term.

Be Kind, Be Brilliant