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At Didcot Primary Academy we intend to expose children to a range of technology and it’s wide variety of uses. Units are based around computing systems and networks, creating media, programming, data and information. We follow lesson from ‘Teach Computing’, a scheme with full links to the national curriculum built around an innovative progression framework. Children have lessons every week and throughout the year work with ipads, beebots and chrome books to develop their skills.



What to expect

Computing lessons begin with a clear learning intention and steps to success. Previous learning is recapped, and a clear explanation of specific terminology is then discussed. Sometimes during the main activity children are show how to use specific programs and other times they explore for themselves first. This could be anything from using computers to create artwork, make a podcast or design their own webpage. Children are then given a chance to implement their new learning before reflecting back on what they have learnt.  





Skills progression document Nursery- Year 6


Providing our pupils with high quality computing is something we pride ourselves with here at Didcot Primary Academy. As a result, we have seen high levels of engagement from the children and a large progression in their computing skills. Many children achieve the expected standard for computing. We have also implemented a ‘digital council’ where children organise school events such as internet safety day, monitor the care of equipment and impart knowledge to support the younger children.


Updated November 2022

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