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Welcome to Year 6!


We have another brilliant year planned for you all! Year 6 marks the finish line of your primary journey, and with that comes an increased expectation of independence in preparation for Year 7 next year. The hard work that you put in now will help you to reach your absolute potential ahead of that move up, and we're excited to help you get there!


Please note that PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays.

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What We Are Learning

Kilvrough 23


Day 4 – climbing, coastal adventure walk and canoeing.


After dinner and a night walk to the rather spooky looking castle, all the children slept really well last night. Oh, apart from the early wake up call by the fire alarm at 6:20!

One group went off for the climbing day on the beach, climbing up and down the cliffs, whilst the others went canoeing and for a coastal walk. The weather held up for the day with all children staying nice and dry having missed the rain. On the Coastal walk, once again the scenery was stunning. The children canoeing managed to Canoe all the way up to the lock and back which is about an hour and a half each way. All the children are continuing to throw themselves into the activities, and support and encourage each other with everything that they do.

Day 3 - Canoeing and rock climbing & abseiling


After an evening spent having a Halloween party, it was off to bed to get some rest after a packed day of activities. Today's challenges include rock climbing and abseiling, canoeing and a coastal walk.  Although not quite as sunny today, it was still perfect weather for exploring the Welsh countryside. The children continue to make us proud - throwing themselves enthusiastically into all challenges and supporting and encouraging each other.

Day 2 - first full day of activities


After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, it was on to the challenges for today - canoeing and coastal walking around Rhossili.  Although it was a bit overcast and windy first thing, it soon cleared and the children have had another day of glorious sunshine!  The views from the cliff tops are simply stunning and the children could see across the bay for miles.  During their walk, the children went caving and rock scrambling, and they also had time to relax on the rocks with the seals!


Meanwhile on the canal, it was the perfect conditions for canoeing.  The children's enthusiasm and teamwork were outstanding!  After dinner tonight, we are having a Halloween party with lots of snacks and music.

Kilvrough - Day 1


After an early start and a few delays, the children were in high spirits when they set off for Kilvrough. They arrived in Wales at lunchtime and sat in the grounds of Kilvrough Manor to eat their packed lunch.  After a briefing by the organisers about the plans for the week, the children spent the afternoon in the Manor grounds doing team building activities.


The children climbed over trees, tried to untangle themselves from ropes and tried to solve a hanging maze. The groups also used teamwork and problem-solving skills to complete many other challenges. After dinner, the children tackled orienteering in the rain and mud before bedtime, but it didn’t seem to dampen their enthusiasm. All the children are very excited for full day of activities tomorrow!

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